Tillingham Woodland Interest Group.



TWIG Accounts.



5th December 2012. Last night at the Annual meeting TWIG was officially dissolved, read about in 'News hoots' All funds to be donated to the Green Light Trust.


On this page our Treasurer will publish the accounts for each year.


Accounts to end 2012.  and as it happens the wind up of the group.

Darian presented the accounts.  she had successfully had our bank account unfrozen, (frozen through lack of use!)  and presented the accounts as follows:-

Twig Accounts year ending 1st November 2012.

Brought forward from 2011   1658.00


Sale of Charcoal (last 3 bags) 6.00

Donation P. Easby 35.00

Interest 1.10

Expenditure Nil.

Total. 1700.10

Consisting of:

Cash in Santander account 1685.30

Petty cash in hand 14.80

Total 1700.10

I hereby confirm this is a true and fair reflection of the financial status of Tillingham Woodland Interest Group.

Signed:  Darian Williams  Dated: 4.12.12


Since that date several more pence interest had been accrued and a bill for 29.99 was outstanding for the website hosting.  the final figure will be published here when the funds are transferred to the Green light Trust.


Accounts for 2011.

Phil presented the accounts . We  had 1658  as our asset total.


Accounts for 2010.

Phil presented the accounts for 2010 and they were unchanged from 2009. We still had 1648  as our asset total.


The 2011 account will show a donation or two and the expense of the flower show.



At 2009's annual Meeting Phil was unable to attend so the accounts were not approved until February 16th 2010. we apologise for this but it was unavoidable.

There had been a small donation, 10.00.  (We were not seeking donations last year, pending decisions re woodland). plus  8.00 from the sale of charcoal. Expenditure on the flower show stand and to the Green Light Trust amounted to 65.00 left a total asset of 1648.  (The website renewal needs to be paid out of this, approx 30.00.



At the Annual Meeting in November 2008, Phil Easby presented the financial report as follows.  There had been further donations, sales of charcoal and interest of 29.00.   Less expenditure of 46.00 for the flower show stand and the website.   This left the total financial assets at 1695.  (With a stock of 8 bags of charcoal)



At the Annual Meeting in November 2007, Warren Allen presented the financial report as follows.  There had been further donations and grants to the sum of 979.00, including interest of 6.00.  Less expenditure on the Flower Show  stand, the prize awarded Charcoal purchased and the website costs. Total 109.00.  The total financial asset stood at 1,712.00.  (There was stock of 14 bags of charcoal.)




At the Annual Meeting in 2006, Warren Allen presented the financial report to date. There have been donations totalling 820 and interest of 1.00. Income from charcoal sold at the Flower Show, and the money collected for the competition netted a further 21.00, making the Total 842.00.







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