Tillingham Woodland Interest Group.




Pre School.





5th December 2012. Last night at the Annual meeting TWIG was officially dissolved, read about in 'News hoots' All funds to be donated to the Green Light Trust.


The Members of Twig help in the Tillingham Preschool every year.  We take the under 4 year olds out collecting seeds and then back in the village hall we help the children test their seeds and plant them up.

There have been at least six years of Playgroup children have grown young trees at home and at least some of these have succeeded and are being nurtured till the day they can be planted.

Of course many of these children have also attended St. Nicholas's and are still helping us with seed gathering and growing today!

At our, 2006, seed gathering day, the Pre School group provided excellent refreshments for all, raising funds for their cause as well.  They will be doing the same for spring 2008, see the news page.





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