Tillingham Woodland Interest Group.








This is the name given to Supporters of TWIG.


Below are the names of those who have either sent in a donation or who have promised to give a little of  that most valuable item, their time.  We have not actively asked for supporters to come forward before now, but feel the organisation is at a stage where we can.  


Mrs. E. Lynn

Mr. M. Wolf

Mrs C. Beard

Ann Burden

Mrs P. Young

B. Burden

The Green light Trust.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Whitley

Mr. and Mrs. W. Allen.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Williams

Mr. and Mrs  K. Martin

Mrs E. Winter

C. Davis

Mr A. Day

P. Garrett

W. Brush

Jackie Smith


Supporter added at Seed Collecting Sunday 29th October 2006

Mark Brocklebank

Daniel Kenning

Julie Day

Karen Foster

Cheryl Easby

Steve Dormer

Jenny Cheyenne

Stasia O’Kane

Rosemary & Dick Callum

Hayley & Matt Weston

Catrina and Les Telford

Les & Claire Davidson

Ben Moon

Roy Bryant

Gary & Barbara Smith

Brian and Rosemary Royce

Supporters added since Nov 06

J. Stevens

Bob Pashley,

Dave Pashley

Robert Easby ACA

Here also are are the names of all those who signed up as supporting the St. Paul's Wood that we are promoting.  We list them separately as we did not ask them if they would like to become more involved, but 90% of those we spoke to at the 2006 Tillingham Flower Show wanted to, so suspect most will sign up as TWIGS!

List of signatories from the Flower Shows and later supporters.

C Dobson

C Bragg,

M Hamlion

D. Tull,

B Sullivan,

K Grant

P Grant

P Bardova,

PJ Bardova,

M Bardova,

S Bardova,

R Ornse,

J McEwan

CM Foster

G Wilson,

M Cooper

M Garwood, T

Belinda Allen,

Carla Davis,

Warren Allen,

Brian Arbuckle,

Peter Whifan,

C Terry,

H Valentine Jenkins,

A Valentine,

W Valentine,

V Jackson,

L Booth,

Les Dillamore

Barbara Dillamore

A Smith,


Jayne Curtis,

Samantha Curtis,

Amanda Reader,

Jay Reader,

C Tuckey,

D Rand,

R Jones,

T Lindsell,

M Jones,

M Daly,

J Daly,

C Linmore,

N Linmore,

PA Field,

DM Field,

D Kilduff,

H Hogg,

B Rogers,

K Kings,

L Kinds,

C Newton,

R Kings,

V Collier,

M Collier,

R Thick,

B Coutleg,

T Anderson,

R Jeffery,

C Cutter,

C Doth,

S Bloxham,

J Dillion,

Nine Shuttlewood,

Ivor Bennett,

K Mee,

G Mee,

Geoff Mee,

A Mee,

B Menz

J Love,

L Dunn,

D Martin,

I Cundy,

Jim Comber,

A Comber,

Peter ?????

Pat Yedon

Stuart Winter,

Tim Hills


P Hume,

J Hune,

S Watson,

C Easby,

C Smith

T Glover,

L Glover,

Sheila Tuckett,

Michael Tuckett, 

Rebecca Lapwood,

Keith Lapwood,

Angela Lapwood,

John Child,

Sue Davey,

Lorraine Smith,

Amanda Batenan,

S Gutteridge,

T Habernel,

T Copsey,

KS Copsey,

J Baxter,

Daniel May,

J Reeve,

R Easby,

C Smith,

D Tidmas,


G Shepherd,

G Stocker,

Bibby family,

Player Family,

Crow Family,

Eric Booy,

P Robinson,

W Fearn,

J Fearn,

Jay, Badworks,

A Pluckrose,

B and E Matthews,

A & N Matthews,


S Bailey,

M Homan,

C Garrett,

P Garrett,

D Hagger

M Hagger

M Day,

J Allen

L Davis

R Davis

D Hopkins

P Malcolm

K Gouch,

D Shenfield

J Shenfield

M Barrett,

Mrs A Ross,

PE Plumb,

Kelly Andrews

M Blackburn,

R Garside,

C Garside,

Mrs A Wheeler,

Mr W.J. Wheeler,

B Assister,

AS Presland,

M Hylton,

C Green,

C. Tant.

L Moull,

M Taylor,

C Bennett,

A Halenko,

R Halenko,

M Halenko,

Peter Marshall,

A Dilliway,

M Dilliway,

Leah Gutteridge,

Angela Brown,

Adrian Brown,

Debra Nicholson

Bernie Moore,

Linda Baker,

Pinky Baker,

Rob Baker,

Finley Baker,

Chris Cood,

Linda Ruffle,

R Pond,


K Pond,

T Hurley

G Wakefield,

T Brush,

B Robinson,

B Mills,

G Mills,

Gregg Mills,

Hannah Mills,

D Allen

Francesca Allen,

Roger Allen,

Liz Allen,

Peter Thorpe

Nick Mee

Colin Rent


Memory of Eva Lynn.

Following the sad death of the Chair of Twigs' mother, one of the first 'TWIGS', her family decided to ask for donations to TWIG instead of flowers.  This idea was greeted enthusiastically by all of Eva's family and friends, and to date £680 has been collected  with a further sum of approx £200 set aside for the placing of a 'Fallen Tree Carved Seat' and the planting of spring bulbs, in her memory.

Below are the names, in no particular order, of those who donated:-

Alison and Peter Kelly, Eileen and Ken Sawyer, Joan Asher, Joan Foss, Joan Smith, Sylvia and Chris Cairns, Mr and Mrs Dunmow, Gilbert Barnes, Marion Cook, Doris and Dennis Miles, Mr and Mrs Keenan, Bob and Jean Shepherd, Betty Lodge, Sylvia Cooper, Garry Davies, Diane and Karl, Sally and Jim, Jeffrey Mathews, Mr Underdown, Barry and Ann Lynn, Mr and Mrs Parsons, Joan Melrose, Pleshey Circle, Myra Welton, Brenda, Mrs S. Smith, Ken and Dorothy Williams, Mr and Mrs Watson, E. Adams, Mrs Morrosi. John and Darian Williams, Michael and Karen Lunnon, Sue and Keith Heywood, Christine Sturrock, Julie Heywood, Clare and Steve Jennings. Paul King, Mary Horsenell, C & V Richards, A. M. Mathews, Don and Val Mitchelmore.

June 2007, further donations amounting to £35.00 from the 'Daisy Circle', Mr and Mrs Saville, and S. Simpson.  This makes a total of over £700, plus a further £200 approx for the bench.


June 21st, 2007, Midsummer's Day.

Jenny and Dave are married.

On Thursday 21st June 2007 John's daughter Jenny married a tree warden from Leeds, Dave! As part of their Eco Friendly wedding, they wanted to plant trees, so approached me to ask if they could use the St. Paul's wood as part of their wedding day.

They produced a 'Green Favour' and all 50 people who attended received one, for each person a tree would be planted in the new wood!  £100 was donated!

A list of all those who attended and were given the 'Favours':-

John and Darian Williams, Sue and Keith Heywood, Julie Heywood, Clare and Steve Jennings with Harvey, Emily and Sidney, Christine Sturrock with Esmée and Mathew, Sonya Proctor with Darrel, Shaun and Zoe, Susan Williams, Alan Williams, Brian and Sheila Nixon, Michael and Karen Lunnon, Helen and Walleyed with Layla, 




All the children from the School, the pre-school and Beavers,  for the last ten years have been assisting by collecting seeds and growing trees.

We hope to add their names too.



Eventually the names of all those who are supporting the St. Paul's wood, will be displayed not only here, but on a sign at the woodland site.  We hope this woodland will belong to all the children of the village and their families for generations to come.

John Williams

Chair of TWIG





Telephone: 01621 778859
mail: enquiries@twigs.org.uk