Tillingham Woodland Interest Group.



5th December 2012. Last night at the Annual meeting TWIG was officially dissolved, read about in 'News hoots' All funds to be donated to the Green Light Trust.






What is TWIG?

 'Tillingham Woodland Interest Group', TWIG, was formed in July 2005, out of the project team  that formed to investigate the possibility of a  'St. Paul's Wood'. We have now formed a legal, 'unincorporated association', with codes of conduct and a proper  constitution in line with the Charity commission.  We have entered into an agreement with the 'Green Light Trust', an East Anglian woodland charity, itself affiliated to the national 'Woodland Trust'.  In our Steering Group we have project managers, woodland advisors, legal and financial advisors and most importantly, enthusiasts. We are partnered by Maldon District Council, and with their support are in final negotiation for a plot of land within walking distance of the School and Pre-School, that will be a community run, open access, woodland. 


The trees will not grow over night, it will take many years before we see the fruits of our labours.  Indeed this is not being planted for us at all, but for the children of the village and their children.
It is an investment in their future. There will be much more than simply planting. Many activities are planned. The School intends to  use a clearing in the wood as an open air classroom and we hope other village groups will take advantage too. 


We hope you will support TWIG and join in our activities as the project progresses.


Tillingham Woodland Interest Group &

The St. Paulís Wood





The story so far...


From a small idea

The year was 2002 and Tillingham was soon due to celebrate its 1400 year anniversary of its connection with St Paul's in London. John Williams was a Parish Councillor at the time and a local Tree Warden. He had the idea to plant a wood to help celebrate the anniversary. The land to be used was owned by St Paul's and it was hoped that it could be leased from them. The initial idea the proposal was put to the Tillingham Parish Council and the now 4 years later, the idea should soon see reality. The Parish Council has been replaced by the Maldon District Council and a project team has been formed to help see the idea come to life.


The Project Management Team have now been named as TWIG, the Tillingham Woodland Interest Group. This comprises of local enthusiasts who share a common goal to see the wood planted and to thrive. Standing alongside the project team are the Green Light Trust and the Woodland Trust. They are available to help and provide training as necessary.


Local groups have shown their support for the wood and St Nicholas Primary School have seen John and his team help them plant their own hedge and to collect seeds to grow into trees for the wood. The school hopes to use the wood as a valuable opportunity for the children to learn about habitats and other science subjects. Situated across the West Field, it would be ideally located within easy and safe walking distance from the school.


Text of one of first newsletters


October 5th 2003

In January this year I presented a proposal to the Parish council for  the planting of a narrow strip of land beside the West Field, as a commemorative woodland for the forthcoming 2004 anniversary of the record 1,400 year lease between the village and St. Paul's. The Council were very much in favour of this idea. 

Since then we have obtained outline permission from Peter Green, who farms the land and from St. Paulís who own it.  Last month I attended a fund seekers meeting, and was introduced to several possible funders for this project, eager to be involved in such a community plan.

We are working on project and management plans to submit  to St. Paul's in order that they may check the viability of the wood, before they grant full permission. We would like the input of others willing to spare a little time, especially if you have planning skills or woodland management information you could share. 

Tree wardens, working with the children of the playgroup and school by collecting tree seeds from the West Field and planting them up have already germinated and grown new trees. Some of these have been very successful.  The wood provides an excellent place for these trees to be planted.

Please lend your support to this project as it will provide the village with a fabulous and worthwhile amenity for everyone to enjoy for many years to come. 

After appeals in the local press, parish paper and council meetings we have a core of helpers, but more are needed.

Can you help?

If so please contact me,  John Williams



Since that was written the Parish Council were sadly persuaded to drop the project and instead we found a willing partner in Maldon District Council, who with the Green Light trust, are our partners today.  Eventually Maldon district council pulled out because they had a financial crisis. To many cheifs maybe and not enough braves. Well one way or another they decided to cut all their environmental projects, so we lost the support.

The project is not entirely lost. St. Paul's still support it and we have a 3 acre site waiting for us, we had the promise of enough trees and hedging to fill the area and lots of local support.  But with the leader of Tillingham council still opposing any tree planting in the area and Maldon not involved we go nowhere.

Instead we are turning our attention to the hedgerows in the area to try and get some trees back into the parish.  so many notice the lack of trees in Tillingham something has to be done to redress the balance.

5th December 2012. Last night at the Annual meeting TWIG was officially dissolved, read about in 'News hoots' All funds to be donated to the Green Light Trust.

How can you help?  Sorry, Sadly now it is now too late.....



There were many ways you could have helped. The most valuable asset was your promise of a little of your time. When we were ready to plant all the young trees the children have grown, we would have need work parties. A chance to get together and have fun, whilst creating the wood, its paths and its wildlife friendly hedges. You could have also donated money, trees, tools or equipment, all to be appreciated by all supporters.

All supporters were to get their names up on the sign board in the wood. All the children that have helped collect seeds, planted them and grown the trees, the hedging etc, and those who assist in the plantings, will automatically become TWIGLETS, with their names added too. This list is now closed.




5th December 2012. Last night at the Annual meeting TWIG was officially dissolved, read about in 'News hoots' All funds to be donated to the Green Light Trust.







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mail: enquiries@twigs.org.uk